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Agricultural goods and products

Baltic Control Bulgaria performs quantity and quality inspections and sampling of: grains and grain products, feed and feed materials, oilseeds and vegetable oils, rice and pulses, as well as products by food processing industry, in compliance to the requirements of GAFTA, FOSFA, Eropean and International Standarts.

Baltic Control Bulgaria is GAFTA Approved Superintendent (Grain And Feed Trade Association).

Baltic Control Bulgaria has GAFTA approved laboratory for testing of grains, cereals, legumes and animal feedstuffs. Reed more…

Baltic Control Bulgaria is a registered Superintendent member of FOSFA ( The Federation of Oils, Seeds and Fats Associations).

Petroleum products and Mineral Oils

Baltic Control Bulgaria provides approved methods for supervisdion, verification tools, measurement techniques, taking and drawing samples in order to reduce demurages and avoid contamination to respond the environmental safety requirements.

Metals and Minerals

Baltic Control Bulgaria offers to its clients inspection and sampling of metals and metal scrap, steel and steel products, ores and coal, fertilizers and chemicals in accordance with the prevailing rules and regulations.

Industrial goods and consumer products

All producers and distributors of industrial and consumer products are required to apply the constantly increasing demands regarding quality and occupational health and safety.

To meet these requirements Baltic Control Bulgaria is offering a wide range of services for producers and distributors in order to minimize the risks and improve efficiency to guarantee compliance of the goods with contractual requirements throughout the entire supply chain.

Inspections for Governments and Organizations

Baltic Control® is internationally recognized and approved by numerous governments and institutional organisations, relief and aid organisations, NGOs and the EU, e.g. UNICEF, UNRWA, WFP, FAO.


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