Industrial Goods and Consumer Products


All producers and distributors of industrial and consumer products are required to apply the constantly increasing demands rearding quality and ocupational health and safety.

To meet these requirements Baltic Control Bulgaria is offering a wide range of services for producers and distributors in order to minimize the risks and improve efficiency to guarantee compliance of the goods with contractual requirements throughout the entire supply chain, which including:

✓ Inspection of products before, during and after production, quality verification of raw materials and products;

✓ Measurement control and visual inspection;

✓ Confirmity control of packaging and marking, checking of labels, production dates, serial numbers, expiry dates (if available), packing lists, producer certificates and compliance with contractual specififations.

✓ Sampling, laboratory lests, evaluation of production process.

The scope of inspection services provided by Baltic Control Bulgaria depends on the character and specificy of foods and light industry goods – materials and components, including half-finished products, mechanical and electrical elements in order to acheave compliance regarding quality, safety and ecology.


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