To meet increasing demands for food safety, animal welfare, sustainability, environment and quality, it is important to make sure your supply chain is completely secure. Establishing a quality management system and getting it certified is an important step towards meeting these requirements. Baltic Control® Certification can revise and certify your various systems according to  a number of standards.

Certification of grain and feeds

Baltic Control® Certification  aims to ensure that any audit carried out by Baltic Control® Certification contributes to increased awareness and inspiration for improving your business and through this increase your market share and earnings. We perform certification of grain and feeds to following standards:

  • GMP+
  • GTP
  • ISO22000
  • VLOG

It is our ambition to carry out detailed and challenging certification at a level that meets the requirements of the standard owner. To learn more, please visit feedshttps://www.bccertification.com/certification/certification-of-grain-and-feeds

Certification on sustainability

Global Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emission levels are increasing more than our globe can cope with, therefore demand for and production of sustainable biomasses and biofuels are increasing rapidly. The future energy supply can depend on the sustainable production of biofuels.

To prove sustainable production of biomasses and biofuels, certification is an effective way of demonstrating traceability of biofuel and biomass products throughout the supply chain.

ISCC – International Sustainability and Carbon Certification – it is an independant multi-stakeholder organisation that promotes a globally applicable certification system for sustainability of raw materials and products in a variety of markets, including bio-energy / liquid and gas bio-fuels /, food, feed and chemical/technical markets, monitoring throughout supply chain and evaluation and saving of the greenhouse gas emissions.

ISCC operates different certification systems for different markets. We offer certification to :


ISCC ЕU is applicable to demonstrate compliance with the legal requirements set by the European Renewable Energy Directive 2009/28/EU, changed through Directive (EU) 2015/1513 ( RED) and Fuel Quality Directive 2009/30/EU, changed through Directive (EU) 2015/1513 (FQD) for all countries – members of European Community.

ISCC PLUS is a certification system applicable for all non-regulated by RED and FQD markets (such as Food, Feed, chemical/technical markets or bio-based energy products outside EU). The core requirements of ISCC PLUS and ISCC EU are harmonised but interested parties additionaly can choose from a set of voluntary add-ons.

ISCC Certification Scheme helps the organisations to demonstrate to be committed to as focus on:

✓ Reducing GHG emissions throughout the entire supply chain.

✓ Sustainable land use, land use change.

✓ Protection of enviroment and social sustainability or commodity production.

Our services:

Our qualified auditors conduct certification of sustainable biomass for biofuels production and bio-energy throughout the entire supply chain: farms, traders, producers of oil, sugar, bio-disel and ethanol. ISCC certification can cover all types of biomass including waste and residues. 

ISCC Certification is essential for the success of your market positions in national and international trade.

For more information about ISCC please, click here.

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